Dossier, Commemorative Issue on Jacques Rivette and Chris Marker

Editor’s Introduction


Jacques Rivette, “The Act and the Actor”


Suzanne Liandrat-Guigues, “Out 1 or Suspended Meaning”


Roland-François Lack, “Mapping Out 1:  Thirteen Cartographic Footnotes”


Mary Wiles, “‘Scenes from Parallel Lives’:  Marguerite Duras and Jacques Rivette”


Douglas Morrey, “Some Thoughts on Acting in La Bande des Quatre


Hélène Frappat, “Rivette and Strong Sensations”


Richard Neupert, “Jacques Rivette’s Homage to Louis Lumière:  To Pastiche and Beyond”


James Naremore, “La Duchesse de Langeais


Sarah Cooper, “Missing Marker”


Rick Warner, “The Essayist among and through Others:  Chris Marker’s Symposial Montage in The Owl’s Legacy