Position Papers

The Cine-Files, issue 15 (Fall 2020)

Miklós Kiss, “Videographic Criticism in the Classroom:  Research Method and Communication Mode in Scholarly Practice”

Steve F. Anderson, “Videographic Scholarship and/as Digital Humanities”

Patrick Keating, “The Video Essay as Cumulative and Recursive Scholarship”

Drew Morton and Kevin Ferguson, “Making it Count: Advocating for Videographic Criticism in the Tenure and Promotion Process”

Liz Greene, “Teaching the Student, Not the Subject:  Videographic Scholarship”

Chiara Grizzaffi, “Poeticizing the Academy: Poetic Approaches to the Scholarly Audiovisual Essay”

Ian Garwood, “Writing About the Scholarly Video Essay:  Lessons from [in]Transition’s Creator Statements”

Chloé Galibert-Laîne, “What Scholarly Video Essays Feel Like”

Allison de Fren, “The Critical Supercut: A Scholarly Approach to a Fannish Practice”

Tracy Cox-Stanton and John Gibbs, “Audiovisual Scholarship and Experiments in Non-linear Film History”