Dossier on cinematic affect


Editor’s Introduction:  Keeping the Concept of Cinematic Affect “In Play,” by Anne Rutherford


The Feel of the House of Usher, by Anna Powell


Affect vs. Emotion, by Steven Shaviro


In the Mood for Love and the “Secret” of Cinematic Affect, by Paul Gormley


Keeping Your Demons on a Leash: Disgust and The Walking Dead, by Angela Ndalianis


On No Longer Being Loved: 11 Formal Problems Related to Method, by Eugenie Brinkema


Cinema and the Politics of Force: the Psychopath and the Child, by Elena del Río


A Political Ontology of the Affective Image in India, by Amit Rai


Workshopping for Ideas: Jacques Rivette’s Out 1: Noli Me Tangere, by Laura U. Marks


Sentience and Sentimentality in Remembering Yayayi, by Jennifer Loureide Biddle


“I Just Want to be Perfect”: Affective Compulsive Movement in Black Swan, by Patricia Pisters


Objects Arrested in Time and Space: Abstraction and Affect, by Robin Curtis


“Click”: Affect and Mediated Gestures in Carol, by Jennifer Barker


Letting Go and Finding Voice: Air, by Jenny Chamarette


Siren’s Song–——Musical Prophecy in Tarantino’s Kill Bill, by Gertrud Koch


Affect and Material Contagion in Harakiri, by Anne Rutherford




The Cine-Files, issue 10 (spring 2016)